Shop 112's Story

Our Purpose:
- To foster and celebrate your own individuality by empowering your own personal style.
Our Vision:
- To empower every women to become the most authentic version of themselves in all stages of their life.
Our Mission:
-To provide a personalized service that embraces your individual style through guidance & accessibility.



Our Story:

Shop 112 was founded in 2012 by Mayra Brown & Monique Jeffery in McAllen, TX.

Starting off as a store front in a tiny 600 square foot retail space, Shop 112 (in suite 112), started it's journey to becoming a fan favorite affordable boutique with hand-picked fashion pieces catering to it's customers. Expanding ever so quickly, a team of two entrepreneurs soon became a team of 6!

Quickly growing in popularity (thank you Facebook check-in circa 2012) Shop 112's name quickly became a local favorite, meaning our little space was becoming quickly outgrown! Eventually Monique's living room became a processing center for opening inventory, tagging, and inputting into our system!

After outgrowing our first location, we moved to a 1700 square foot space 2 doors down, and yet again, in a short 3 years we outgrew that spot, and ended up where we are at now a short 150 steps from the second location. Shop 112 is located in beautiful tropical McAllen, TX  where we now enjoy a 3500 square foot store at our favorite plaza and it has been our favorite location yet! 

 We began our online journey at the end of 2018 but took it at a slow and steady pace, learning about the unknown world of online retail shopping, buying and marketing but still focusing our attention to our new beautiful store front . When the pandemic hit, and our store location had to take a pause due to mandate closures, we shifted gears and focus all of our energy on the online retail store. the store front became a distributing center and added a warehouse to process the new merchandize. Fast forward April 2021 the beautiful store front reopens and the online retail store moves to the warehouse.

It takes a village to create a successful story and now with a team of 15 amazing women a new business partner (Sarah D) and two locations (the store and the online warehouse), we are always thankful for our continued growth. Our story is an everchanging story, and you are the most important part of it. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and for that we are eternally grateful.  We love hearing from you please feel free to call, DM, message or stop by with your suggestions.




 Love, Co-Owners,